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The Federal Bar Association, San Diego Chapter Denounces Personal Attacks Against Judicial Officers

The San Diego Chapter of the Federal Bar Association’s mission includes strengthening the quality of the federal legal profession by promoting professionalism and civility. This is in accord with the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California’s local rules: “Civility in action and words is fundamental to the effective and efficient functioning of our system of justice and public confidence in that system.” CivLR 2.1(a)(1).

Recently, public officials and litigants have made derogatory comments about the personal character of a member of the judiciary. Any person is entitled to disagree with a judge’s decision, but the disagreement should focus on the decision, not the decisionmaker. Personal attacks leveled against a member of the judiciary threatens our system of justice. All litigants should practice and encourage professionalism and civility in our courts and in our society.

The San Diego Chapter of the Federal Bar Association denounces any personal attacks on the judiciary and calls for a renewed commitment to civility in the practice of law.

This statement is issued in the name only of the San Diego Chapter and not that of the National Association.


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