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Past Presidents

The Federal Bar Association (FBA), founded in 1920, is dedicated to the advancement of the science of jurisprudence and to promoting the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of all attorneys involved in federal law. Our members run the gamut of federal practice: attorneys practicing in small to large legal firms, attorneys in corporations and federal agencies, and members of the judiciary. The FBA is the catalyst for communication between the bar and the bench, as well as the private and public sectors. The San Diego Chapter was founded in 1961.

In 2018, the Chapter adopted the following Mission Statement:

Mary Cile Glover-Rogers
Dylan M. Aste
Hon. Rebecca Church

David Finn

Hon. Michelle Pettit

Carolina Bravo-Karimi

Krystal Weaver

Peter Mazza

Joseph Leventhal

Gary LaFleur

Hugh Kim

Katherine L. Parker

Shireen Matthews

Ted Fates

Hon. Allison Goddard

Stan Panikowski

Rupa Singh

Gino Serpe

Yvonne Dutton

Meryl Maneker

Helen Irza

John Kirby

Maria Acker

Hon. Laura Birkmeyer

Bill Caldarelli

Hon. Robert Longstreth

Cynthia Cwik

Susan Ragsdale

Brian Foster

Pat Swan

Pamela Naughton

Bill Kammer

Mike MacKinnon

Hon. Peter Bowie

Ed Harris

James A. Malkus

William J. Zumwalt

Jay W. Hurst

E. Mac Amos, Jr.

John Cleary

Captain Larry H. Benrubi

John P. Luddy

James A. Malkus

Edwin L. Miller, Jr.

Paul Hofflund

Elmer Enstrom

L. Russell Gobbel

Don Wolf

J. Jason Gale

Photo of San Diego Chapter Receiving Cha

To serve the interests of the federal legal community and strengthen the quality of the federal legal profession by promoting professionalism, inclusiveness, and civility; by providing educational, social, and leadership opportunities, and by encouraging meaningful engagement between the federal practitioner, the judiciary, and the public they serve.

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