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2023 President’s Welcome Message

Dylan M. Aste
Mary Cile Glover-Rogers

Greetings San Diego FBA Members!

Our Chapter is the outstanding organization it is today because of our dedicated Boards and committees of past and present, our valued members, and the steadfast support of our local federal judiciary. I would like to personally thank each of you for allowing me to serve as your 2023 President.

As you likely know, the mission of our Chapter is focused on civility, professionalism, and inclusivity. The members of our federal bar and bench strive each day to exemplify these characteristics, and that is why practicing in the Southern District of California is such a privilege. Without a doubt, I can confirm that I am a better attorney and professional because I am a member of the San Diego Chapter. I have learned countless leadership and practical legal skills from the best and brightest in our profession—our members. I hope you find this sentiment to be true for yourself as well.

The past few years have felt like a whirlwind: learning the ways of “virtual” life; re-learning the ways of “in person” life; and now finding our groove in the “in between.” In late 2022, the Chapter polled our members to learn what you want to gain from a San Diego FBA membership. The resounding answer: connection. In fact, one of our Board members cleverly said, “I want to go to recess, not school.” Well taken. In addition to offering our signature MCLE events and Courtroom Conversations, we are looking forward to connecting outside the four corners of the courthouse at social hours, on the golf course at the San Diego Federal Bar Foundation’s Charitable Golf Tournament, and even through simple check-in phone calls to see how y’all are doing.

Cheers to 2023. We are looking forward to building authentic connections and making positive strides in our wonderful communities of San Diego and Imperial Counties.


Mary Cile Glover-Rogers

President, San Diego FBA


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