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Elimination of Bias MCLE

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, 60 members of the legal community attended the San Diego Chapter of the Federal Bar Association’s elimination of bias MCLE webinar presented by Carolina Bravo-Karimi, managing partner of Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP.  Bravo-Karimi’s engaging presentation explored how to recognize and interrupt microaggressions, and shed light on the significance of identifying and addressing these covert acts of bias.


Microaggressions are subtle yet harmful forms of discrimination that permeate various aspects of society, often without individuals even realizing their impact. Bravo-Karimi's presentation began by defining microaggressions as everyday verbal or nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to marginalized groups. She emphasized that these actions are not always intentional, but stem from ingrained societal norms and stereotypes. Through her presentation, Bravo-Karimi urged attendees to cultivate awareness of their own biases and recognize the detrimental effects of microaggressions, particularly those related to “aliens,” color blindness, denigrating cultural values or communication styles, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities.


One crucial aspect highlighted by Bravo-Karimi is the role of bystanders in interrupting microaggressions. She stressed the importance of bystander intervention in challenging oppressive behavior and creating inclusive environments. By empowering bystanders to speak up against microaggressions, Bravo-Karimi advocates for collective responsibility in combating discrimination. Moreover, Bravo-Karimi provided practical strategies for both recognizing and addressing microaggressions. She provided specific responses available for targets, upstanders, and microaggressors in various possible situations.

Carolina Bravo-Karimi presented San Diego FBA's elimination of bias MCLE webinar on January 18.
Carolina Bravo-Karimi presented San Diego FBA's elimination of bias MCLE on January 18.

The San Diego FBA thanks Carolina Bravo-Karimi for donating her time and sharing her expertise with the community. The San Diego FBA also thanks Chapter President Blake Currey, Incoming President Kim Gregg, Vice President of Civil Legal Education Hannah Ohara, Vice President of Public Relations Kelly Reis, and Vice President of Professional Engagement Evangeline Dech, for organizing and promoting this event.


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