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SOLACE Outreach for California Wildfires

The FBA would like to express its heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all those who have suffered due to the Caldor, Dixie, and other California wildfires. Please know that FBA members are willing to assist with in-kind donations. We hope to help those in the legal community, including FBA members, their families, legal staff, federal court personnel, and those related to them via the SOLACE program.


SOLACE stands for Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel—All Concerns Encouraged

This National FBA committee provides donations of goods, services, and time for FBA members, their families, and legal support personnel. Judge Jay Zainey and Mark Surprenant, in connection with the Louisiana State Bar Association, originally developed the SOLACE program. In 2016, former FBA President Judge Michael Newman made the SOLACE program one of his national priorities for the FBA.


The SOLACE program leverages our network of FBA attorneys to help each other in times of need. Examples of potential requests include:

• Using hotel points to secure lodging for people who have been displaced

• Providing meals, clothing, and bedding to families

• Sending e-gift cards to purchase bottled water and other essentials


The process of connecting folks in need with FBA members willing to help is mostly anonymous

Only SOLACE Coordinators and FBA members willing to meet a requester’s need will know the identity of someone seeking assistance

Let us know if we can help. Email requests to


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