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The San Diego Superior Court Has Launched Its Judicial Mentor Program

The San Diego Superior Court has launched its Judicial Mentor Program. The goal of this new program is to assist in the recruitment and development of a qualified, inclusive and diverse judicial applicant pool for the San Diego Superior Court. The program is part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s California Judicial Mentor Program, which is “a statewide undertaking between the executive and judicial branches to advance the shared goal of an inclusive judiciary that reflects California’s diversity.”

Judge Garry G. Haehnle provided an overview of the program to attendees of the Federal Bar Association, San Diego Chapter's 2021 Annual Conference. Judge Haehnle is currently serving as Assistant Supervising Judge of the South Bay Courthouse, San Diego Superior Court with an emphasis in criminal trials and drug court. He is also a member of the local committee for the Judicial Mentor Program along with Chair Judge Dwayne Moring and committee members Judges Judy Bae, Rachel Cano, and Cynthia Freeland.

The Judicial Mentor Program will pair sitting judges with potential judicial applicants to help them understand the start-to-finish process for appointment to vacant seats. The Judicial Mentor Program will aim to demystify the application process and improve transparency and accessibility for all potential applicants with a varied background of legal practice areas.

“We are excited to have the Judicial Mentor Program take shape in San Diego County to provide the support that will elevate our best and brightest local attorneys into judicial officers,” said Presiding Judge Lorna Alksne. “This program will benefit attorneys in their professional growth and also benefit our larger region as it demonstrates our commitment to diversity and developing a bench that is reflective of our community.”

To learn more and apply please see the Judicial Mentor Program website.


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